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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  September 24, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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we're back now and there have been several chopper that landed at the wall street heliport. we assume one of these was carrying the pontiff who has landed in new york for a very ambitious day of events. >> he's got a long day. right now at 6:00, though, pope francis just arrived in new york after wrapping up a historic 48 hours here in d.c. >> that's right. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle react to the first ever speech by a pope to a joint session of congress. >> and an exclusive look behind the scenes of the law enforcement agencies in charge of keeping the pope safe while he was here in d.c., a mammoth task, but they managed to do it. good evening. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us. pope francis is in new york this evening after staying some 48 hours in d.c., large crowd assembled at joint base andrews
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as the pope prepared to board a plane earlier this afternoon. he was greeted by secretary of state john kerry and maryland governor larry hogan. then as the band played in the background the pope walked up the steps, gave one final wave to the crowd before taking off on the next leg of his three- city visit to the u.s. earlier today the pontiff made history by being the first pope ever to address a joint meeting of congress. pope francis called on the lawmakers to help the middle class and the poor and a dialogue on a range of issues from immigration to the death penalty. >> you are the face of its people. they are representatives. let us treat others with the same passion and compassion with which we want to be treated. >> the white house says president obama watched some of pope francis' historic address to congress and was struck by the pope's message to both our
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country's leaders and its citizens. >> the pope's speech to congress is getting high marks from both side of the aisle. our andrea mccarren is on capitol hill for the big event. >> reporter: pope francis may have accomplished something no politician has, bringing both sides of a contentious congress together. >> the people of this continent are not fearful of phoners. >> reporter: pope francis touched on issues in have sharply divided congress, immigration -- of foreigners. >> reporter: pope francis touched on issues that have sharply divided congress, immigration, the death penalty. >> i was sitting on the side with mostly republicans and i think you saw when there was applause and people stood up, we were doing it in unison and i think both sides. >> protect and defend human life. >> reporter: the pontiff delivered even the most
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controversial topics in such a gentle and respectful way that everyone seemed to listen. >> on protecting human life i think maybe some democrats were word i about that topic. well, he said it in a way that i think everyone was able to applaud. >> these may be polarizing issues for some, but he did it in a gentle way. he didn't do it in your face. >> god bless america. >> reporter: after the pope's remarks one member of congress told us i think we needed that. the real test of the pope's impact may come soon. congress has until september 30th to pass a spending bill and avoid a government shutdown. on capitol hill andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> that's worth repeating. if the congress cannot agree on a budget, the government will shut down october 1st. outside on the west lawn of the capitol thousands watched and listened to the pope on large jumbotrons and after his speech the pope appeared on the speaker's balcony, waved and
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blessed the crowd. our mike hydek was there and caught up with republican presidential candidate dr. ben car son as the crowd dispersed. >> he seemed to be talking about the better parts of humanity and the things that are uplifting, family and life and the environment and getting along with each other and treating people the way you want to be treated. i certainly would resonate strongly with all those things. >> dr. carson wasn't the only one there. about seven presidential hopefuls were on hand to hear the pope's address to congress. pope francis often talked about reaching out to those who are less fortunate. today he did just that, meeting and blessing hundreds of people who received care and aid from the local catholic charities. he was the guest of honor at a luncheon for some 300 people who are clients of the ministry's housing programs. the crowd surrounded him shaking his hand taking selfies with the leader of the catholic church. >> i'm so excited i couldn't
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sleep. it's just wonderful. i've been a catholic since 1950 and this is the crowning glory of my life. >> the pope also met with another 200 people, many of them low income immigrants who receive other kinds of aid from catholic charities. the organizations runs 65 programs for people in need of help. wusa9 news given exclusive access inside the fbi washington field office command center during pope francis' 48 hour visit to d.c. >> surae chinn takes us behind the scenes as a host of law enforcement agencies monitored pope francis during the midday prayer at st. matthew's cathedral. >> reporter: it's wednesdays afternoon. pope francis is about to leave st. math news cathedral to head back to the vatican -- st. matthew's cathedral to head back to the vatican embassy.
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the crowds are thick. >> is in our commanding control and communications center. >> reporter: paul abade, assistant director in charge of the washington fbi field office takes us into the command center during a live event. agents and various personnel inside coordinating and communicating with officers on the outside as the pope is in town. >> this is our command center. up here is our sac for counterterrorism. he runs the whole operation. >> reporter: this is one of the few main nerve centers for public safety and security during the pope's historic visit. we can't show you everything on the screen, but you get the idea of how many agencies are represented in one room to keep the public and the pope safe. >> it could be a bomb threat. if we get something like that in here, a call in, we will radio that out to our pennell in the field. they will -- personnel in the field. they will respond. we have experts on hand, bomb
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technicians, people that do that type of work, and they're constantly communicating back and forth. >> reporter: they're watching the pope and crowd closely using technology. the secret service is the lead in keeping pope francis safe watching carefully every move. on the pope parade the vatican detail brings a baby to be blessed and perhaps one of the brightest and quite possibly one of the most anxious moments for authorities is when sophie cruz breach says the barricade and run -- breaches the bear -- barricade and runs towards the popemobile. >> we're constantly getting threats. >> reporter: nothing bad happened and the fbi likes to keep it that way. inside the fbi washington feel office, surae chinn, wusa9 -- field office, surae chinn, wusa9. >> there's been no specific or reliable threat on the pope or crowds that have gathered so far. this work continues in similar command centers as he travels
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to new york and philadelphia. to relive all the historic moments of the pope's visit to washington d.c., check the videos and photo gallery in our special pope in america section on our wusa9 app. we probably don't need to remind you the burgundy and gold take on the new york giants tonight in new york right here on wusa9. coverage starts at 7:30. kickoff is at 8:25. our frank hanrahan is at metlife stadium. >> reporter: this is frank shanahan at metlife stadium in new jersey. will the redskins beready for primetime tonight visiting the giants? details coming up in sports. >> a comfortable night but not as cool. generally 50s in the suburbs, 55 in hagerstown, low 60s downtown. we'll come back. we've got clouds coming in, if we had to issue any yellow weather alerts over the
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weekend. >> but up next a shocking development in the case against
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a surprise guilty plea for michael gardner. the former falls church democratic committee chairman pleaded guilty to five counts
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in two separate child sexual abuse cases, one involving his niece in 2009 and one involving girls in a sleepover in 2011. a sentence was handed down 20 years in prison beginning immediately. when gardner gets out of prison, he can never have unsupervised contact with children. officers in loudoun county are looking for a a man or men who attacked two women joggers. >> the first attack at 6:10 a.m. a man grabbed the backside of a woman jogging and this morning at 5:45 a man tackled a woman who fought him off. authorities want to hear from anyone who may have witnessed these attacks. coming up cyber security tops the agenda as china's
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one city down, two to go. the pontiff touched down in new york city about an hour ago. >> tonight he'll take part in a service at the historic st.
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patrick's cathedral. that's where we find kenneth craig. how far away is the pontiff? is he on his way? >> reporter: we don't know exactly, but we do know he is on the way. he's gotten off that chopper. he's gotten into his motorcade making his way from a heliport in downtown manhattan up to st. patrick's cathedral. we are on the east side. we don't know how far away he is at this point, but that service starts at 6:45. everybody here is ready for him. there are thousands of people who have lined the streets waiting in excitement and there are hundreds of people behind me waiting for his arrival now including a number of vips and local dignitaries. the governor is here and new york easters mayor ready to greet the pope when he does -- city's mayor ready to greet the pope when he does arrive. >> what are they saying about the fiat in the a big apple? >> reporter: i can tell you about an hour ago we actually
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saw the fiat. they went through a dry run- through. it appears the pope will be traveling in the fiat once he gets to new york. it was headed down fifth avenue empty as part of a larger motorcade with law enforcement. it looks like he'll be in that fiat once again. >> we are curious around here about whether there's a second fiat new york wound or if it was the 1 we had here. that is going to be interesting -- new york bound or if it was the one we had here. that is going to be interesting. >> reporter: it seems there was a second one here in new york city awaiting for his arrival, but we have not been able to get any intelligence. china's president touched down at andrews. while in washington the white house plans to protest him on human rights and recent -- press him on human rights and
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recent cyber attacks on the united states alleged to have come from china. >> we have alleged to the chinese both publicly and privately that issues related to cyber security and our concerns with china's conduct in cyberspace will feature prominently on the agenda. >> before coming to washington the klein kneels president struck a deal on clean energy with -- chinese president struck a deal on clean energy with leaders of five states. the crush of pilgrims killed more that be 700 people outside of mecca today. the stampede was caused by two waves of pilgrims heading in opposite directions at an intersection and that heat and fatigue may have also benefactors. it's the deadliest incident to take place at the annual hajj pilgrimage in two decades. also under investigation tonight this horrible crash on
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a highway bridge in seattle, four people killed, 12 others in critical condition, dozens more with minor injuries. caught up in the crash was a charter bus, a tour vehicle called a duck boat and two cars. the charter bus carried two foreign college students. authorities are working to contact their families tonight. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> the pope was here, blue skies, beautiful weather. pope's gone and clouds come in. >> perhaps some showers and drizzle. i think tomorrow we'll say dry. best chance for -- stay dry. best chance for showers will be on saturday. 3-degree guarantee, felt pretty good about today. remember i went 79 yesterday and it was 80. today i went 80. we'll let you know how i did tonight at 11:00. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, a few high
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clouds, winds east, north east at 10. it will be breezy tomorrow and saturday. some clouds but comfortable tonight. bus stop temperatures 55 to 68. friday mainly dry, showers well south and west. fredericksburg south, culpeper west is what we mean by that. better chance of showers saturday as the area of low pressure gets a little closer to us. it's kind of a nor'easter. 10:00 tonight no real problems, low to mid-60s, upper 60s downtown. by morning clouds begin to roll back in here staying dry, upper. ifs gaithersburg -- 50s gaithersburg, olney. upper 60s downtown but around 60 in the burbs by 9:00. temperatures in the mid-70s by 1:00. by 6 p.m. a plot of high school football games -- lot of high school football games going on, no
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worries. all the showers will be south and west of us. by 10:30 tomorrow night a lot of clouds and showers south, temperatures generally in the 60s, 69 downtown. keep your outdoor plans on friday as well. day planner, a lot of clouds. better chance for shower and drizzle saturday, 73, 72 sunday with more showers and drizzle possible depending on where that coastal low goes, not a good beach weekend. warmer on monday, leftover showers possible, 80, low 80s tuesday, around 80 wednesday, cold front approaching, maybe a thunderstorm that will cool us off, nice thursday but cooler, highs in the mid-70s. if last week was a must win, what do you think about tonight? >> i think they've got to win, too. it's wide open, so they have a
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chance to take a big step. washington's showdown comes in primetime tonight, but is the burgundy and
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> all throughout the offseason and preseason the burgundy and gold reminded us again and again that this is a different team with a different mindset. they're going to put that to the test tonight. will they shine or burn out under the bright lights? frank hanrahan is at metlife
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stadium now with our preview. >> reporter: well, what is the deal with the redskins under the lights or soon to be visiting the giants? last 20 games redskins record 3- 17 in prime time games. the redskins have not beaten the giants since 2012 and last year they got swept by new york including a thursday night match-up loss to the giants. so what will make tonight any different for the 1-1 redskins? >> the history is history. it's just that. different team, different schemes, different philosophies. so you can't worry about what happened in the past good or bad. >> last three years we've come up with big wins on the thursday night game. it's about going out and doing the little things right. >> the fans aren't going to like us. so it's a rivalry. that said we got to make sure we know up there if we're going to get the job done, it's because of what we put on the field, not because of any
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external factors. >> reporter: a year ago the redskins lost to the giants on thursday night 45-14. kirk cousins was picked off four times in that loss, but he says that was then. >> every week is important especially divisional game, especially one on the road. when you watch these games, the giants could easily be 2-0. these games tend to come down to the last two minutes and who makes the final play. >> reporter: history is history and a chance for the redskins to rewrite a new chapter tonight against the giants, at metlife stadium in jersey frank hanrahan, wusa9 sports. >> thanks, frank. it begins at 7:30 with james brown and the rest of the crew, kickoff 8:25. stay tuned after the game for full postgame reaction. the washington nationals missed two big tunes to decrease their deficit in the nl east. the mets lost two straight and so have the nationals. can they snap that today with the baltimore orioles? nats trying to avoid getting
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swept. down 3-2 in the 7th, wilson ramos changes that, a mammoth homer. right now the nats just took a 4-3 lead in the 7th inning. we'll see if they can hold on and at least get that w. >> you like the burgundy and gold tonight? >> i have a feeling about them tonight. going off the momentum of last week. >> we've got 30 seconds. want to take us out with a quick forecast? clouds tomorrow, maybe need your umbrella by saturday or sunday. >> all right. one last shot of the pope. >> i think he's at st. patrick's. >> they're getting ready for the vespers service there and that is it for us. >> see you back here at 11:00 and 7:00 before that.
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>> pelley: the pope and congress-- he who humbles himself is exalted. ( applause ) >> i am happy that america continues to be for many a land of dreams. >> pelley: also tonight, a deadly collision. victims include tourists and college students. before vladimir putin meets with the president, he sat down with charlie rose. >> reporter: so you would like to join the united states in the fight against isis. >> pelley: and. >> i feel really excited because a lot of kids never got to meet the pope. >> pelley: tomorrow, she will. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbsni


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